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A very independent music builder
About Guillermo
Guillermo was born in Madrid in the mid 70's, "as the result of a baby-boom" that took place in Spain during that period of time.
His passion for music comes from several sources. His father is a talented pianist with many years of piano training on his back. He used to hear him playing piano and - more often - a fantastic Hammond analogue tubes organ they had in the living room.
"I don't make music for profit, but as a escape valve. I intend to give 50% of my profits (if any) to solidary causes."
His grandfather was also passionate with music and a very skilled piano player, and had experimented a little bit on music composition.
Fueled by this environment in which classical music filled his day-to-day, as he grew he developed a deep desire to make his own music. He was trained in piano for a couple of years and then moved into self learning on a Yahama®, punishing the ears of those who lived with him.
Early Years´
As a computer lover, he acquired (ahem, his parents bought him) a Commodore Amiga® with which he made his first trial-and-error compositions using Deluxe Music Construction Set (from Electronics Arts®) and later, Music-X attached to a Casio® FM Keyboard and a Roland® Sound Canvas®. That was his first encounter with music sequencing software, which nowadays became complex DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations). By then, his knowledge on harmony and rhythm were scarce if not near null, but he managed to build simple (and horrible too) pieces "by ear".
"As a teen, I started making truly horrible music on a Commodore Amiga. It was lots of fun."
As the multimedia resources arose during the beginning of the 90's he moved onto the PC platform and started using Cakewalk® 3.0 for his hideous compositions. Although his music knowledge was poor, his inspiration was not, and many years later he would use some of the themes in more polished/professional sounding music pieces.
Internet Era´
After he went through a traumatic divorce, he went back onto creating music, a hobby he had forgotten for a few years. Software for music production had improved a lot, and Apple® computers coupled with Logic were agile tools to re-commence composing music again. He equipped himself with a real master MIDI keyboard from Behringer®, a digital piano from Casio®, a top-notch MacBook Pro, and bought several virtual instruments to work together with his old sound modules. He built a website which was hosted in this same domain and posted every composition he made, regardless of its quality. It was all about sharing his art, not earning profit, and served as a scape valve to his emotions.
"I'm a (mostly) self-taught amateur musician wanting to sound pro, and always will be. I'm always learning new ways to improve."
As time passed - around a hundred tracks had been published - he developed his skills in all areas: from music composition (harmony, rhythm, orchestration) to amateur production. He read books and attended classes for music composition for movies and tv. He started focusing more and more in classical music techniques for his new age compositions, to the point of publishing an album solely of classical music: An Imaginary Soundtrack. In this case, he did not use proper scoring or took in account the limitations and particularities of each instrument, he just wanted it to sound real despite being performed by a computer. This experience taught him a lot about how to make instruments sound closer to their real life versions when played by a music sequencer. He jumped from Mac® to PC, back and forward, alternating the use of Logic Pro® and Cubase® for Mac OS X® with Cakewalk Sonar® X3 for Windows®.
Some of those old-time albums will be published on this website for free (if they haven't been already). They have not been remastered or retouched in any way. Check the Free Albums section to keep up-to-date on old and new free albums being posted.
Because this website is not all about music
Solidarity: A Different Approach
Nassau Grouper at Little Cayman (KY)
Ocean Preservation´
"I'm committed with ocean preservation. As a frequent and well-travelled scuba diver, I've travelled around the world and witnessed some of the atrocities humans do to oceans biodiversity. Along just a decade I've seen perfectly healthy ecosystems slowly degrade due to human interaction. Common and abundant species are becoming rare to see due to destructive fishing techniques only thought to maximize profit, but with no regard for the near future consecuences."

"I'm no radical, I believe we all can still enjoy fish in our meals, but have to accept that the fishing industry has to move to more sustainable, intelligent techniques that will ensure the reproduction cycle happens at the desired rate, and that the ecosystems in which they operate are not unbalanced by their greed."

"This message you can see in some of my songs."
Bichon Maltese breed
Animal Welfare´
Guillermo has collaborated and helped funding many animnal shelters in his home country, Spain. Unfortunately his place of birth, despite being a well developed country, is still very primitive regarding animal rights and welfare. Traditions such as bullfighting - which moves a lot of money and jobs - are difficult to erradicate and don't help when passing new laws for animal welfare, neither to teach new generations the value of animal lives.

Nowadays, Guillermo is an important funder (*not founder) and partner at Mascoteros Solidarios, a solidary non-profit nation-wide organization that actively fights for animal protection, rights and welfare.

What about human beings?´
"Yes!. Although my efforts focus on animal welfare and ocean preservation, I constantly make donations to other causes such as children education in poor areas of India (Fundación Vicente Ferrer), the refugee crisis in/from Syria (ACNUR), children with no resources in Central and South America (Aldeas Infantiles), cancer research and help for treatment (Asociación Española contral el Cáncer) or help for people with mental disabilities and their families (Fundación Why Not)".

"I've also helped in specific individual cases of need to people of low income who suffered desperate situations".

Drinking wine
Adictions: a harsh message against alcohol´
"When we think of an adict we often think of a vicious, unpredictable non-worthy person. When we think of an alcoholic, what we think of is a smelly annoying drunk. Let's be clear, alcoholism is nothing but another adiction. Alcohol is as dangerous (or even more) as cannabis, cocaine, opioids, benzos, and so on. Second, an adiction is a mental illness recognized by the World Health Organization. An illness that ruins affected individuals and the people surrounding them."

"I've always enjoyed alcohol, but there was one point at which I noticed it was present in every chapter of my life and have seen perfectly good people degrading when they became adicted (alcoholism). The main problem with alcohol is that it is socially accepted, despite the fact that it destroys lives and entire families. Governments earn a big profit out of taxes from alcohol sales, so we can't expect them to make the first move. Anyway, I don't believe in regulations but in education. I find it is crucial to educate the upcoming generations on the enormous dangers of alcohol, as a drug that's easily available everywhere and embraced during celebrations of all sorts."

"I find it is part of my duty with society to actively make people aware of the dangers of alcohol consumption, along other controlled substances".

Against the tendency of modern music, Guillermo is quite harsh when referring to alcohol consumption in his songs.

Mascoteros Solidarios
Guillermo helps funding Mascoteros Solidarios, a solidary non profit organization for the animal welfare in Spain.
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