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Experimental tracks, drafts and other free stuff
Where Ideas are Born
A collection of albums and/or tracks made just for fun, or when the muse comes. Many of these are legacy short new age themes composed over more than a decade, and exhibit different qualities in compositional techniques, orchestration and style.

This is the more amateur area of this website, as these albums/tracks are not intended for commercial release.

These audio files have been mastered using the automatic mastering engine from BandLab©, so the final sound quality is not the same as that of the commercial albums.

" Impromptu*NEW ´ Undersea Flight of the Senses ´ (Un)released Bonus "
NEW! Impromptu
A mainly classical experimental album. Most of the tracks were made using scoring tools, not DAWs or sequencers. The last two tracks are, however, Pop and Electronic in nature respectively.

Files are not downloadable at this very moment, but will be soon.

Undersea Flight of the Senses
A simple new age album with a classical flavour.

Files are not downloadable at this very moment, but will be soon.

Mascoteros Solidarios
Guillermo helps funding Mascoteros Solidarios, a solidary non profit organization for the animal welfare in Spain.
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