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" Me on my Little Cayman *NEW ´ A Tale of Whispers ´ Madrid & my Blurred Skylines ´ (Un)released Bonus "
Me on my Little Cayman *NEW
A soft ballad with a classical soundtrack feeling, dedicated to the little island of Little Cayman, in the Cayman Islands.

Now you may acquire the single for a very reduced price at BandCamp. Also, a full preview is available below. Just click on the title for purchase options.

A Tale of Whispers
An alternative progressive rock "short tale" with a strong environmental message. It tells the story of Rick and Agnes, a young couple that ventures into the open sea.

It was also a sneak peak of the album In a World of Fairies a month and a half before its release.

Madrid and my Blurred Skylines
A melancholic theme with a christmas flavor. Madrid and my Blurred Skylines main soft piano was drawn from a Korg NX5R, hence its unique sound (the album version does not use legacy instruments). It is the first commercial single to be available for purchase and streaming in every popular music service around the world.

It was also a sneak peak of the album The Lies that Live Within.

Now you can name your price starting at ZERO at Bandcamp, and get the new remastered version, which keeps the original legacy instruments!. Just use the first player below, which also contains a full preview!


Mascoteros Solidarios
Guillermo helps funding Mascoteros Solidarios, a solidary non profit organization for the animal welfare in Spain.
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